Our Approach

Some singles mistakenly think that a matchmaker is like a real estate agent who will continuously offer a range of options and then take a commission if you buy a house. That’s not how Chevy works.

When amateur athletes want to join a professional sports team, if they are qualified for the big leagues, they benefit from the representation of a sports agent who markets them and helps them navigate the route to professional success. Not every athlete earns a spot on a professional team, and factors for success include having self-awareness of what they may qualify for as well as the availability on the team they want. A good agent works hard for athletes but success is also based on the athlete.

Likewise, qualified professionals seeking work often will use a headhunter to get tailor-made help to find a high-quality job. You could read the help wanted ads and send out dozens of CVs, but a good headhunter can save you significant time and prevent wasted efforts by being an agent for you…if you are qualified for the kind of job you are seeking.

Dating is no different. For greater success in navigating the tumultuous dating waters, utilize the help of an experienced professional who spends time getting to know you and helping you find the most appropriate match. But realize that you have to be qualified for what you are seeking. If you are coming with unrealistic demands, such as an impractical age range, demanding a certain hair or eye color (or overprioritizing appearance), or other qualifications that are not critical factors for a happy marriage, Chevy is not the matchmaker for you.

Realize that if today’s dating practices continue, around 50% of Orthodox Jewish singles over age 30 will not marry, 90% over age 40. Chevy wants to invest her time in those who are truly marriage-minded, practical and realistic, and have the priorities that will not waste her time and efforts.