Welcome to my GPS (Gevaldig, Professional Shadchan) services on your dating journey. This blog will help guide you on a path to dating. Your feedback is welcome!


As I am working to organize and plan a great weekend retreat for singles in New Jersey in the Fall, I am doing a little less activity as a shadchan, although I still welcome singles to register with me by uploading their profile to Beyond that, there are two shidduch websites that I recommend…


Worst Words in A Dating Lexicon

I recently set up a couple – let’s call them Boaz and Rut. After the first date, Rut tells me, “Nice guy but I just don’t feel it.” This raises many questions: If you are over 27 and unmarried, when did you feel it…at a time when he felt it too? Clearly that never happened…


Creating a Shidduch Profile

As a shadchan, I get frustrated when singles make it harder for me to help, such as when someone sends me their Linked In profile and tells me to pull info from there to set them up. Yes, it has happened. And it’s not much different than someone sending me a bad shidduch profile with…