After more than two decades of making successful shidduchim, Dr. Chevy Weiss recognized changing dynamics in the dating arena. She launched Global Jewish Connections to offer a professional service that leverages the personal involvement and vast network of an experienced shadchan.

With a Ph.D. in political science, Chevy spent more than 25 years as a consultant and strategist helping political candidates and parties win elections. She also used to own a marketing/PR/advertising agency. Between elections, she dedicates time and efforts to bring couples to happy, permanent unions by combining her professional background and in-depth understanding of people’s needs, wants, and behavior with her extensive marketing experience towards matchmaking activities.

Work with Chevy to overcome relationship hurdles or to break through whatever is preventing you from getting married. Let her help you set realistic expectations for finding your life-partner, to network on your behalf, and to help you meet the right people through one-on-one dating.

Let Dr. Chevy Weiss be your shadchan, wingman, dating advisor and marriage agent… so you can be walking down the aisle soon.