Quality, pre-screened singles. Amazing shadchanim. Inspiring speakers. Thought-provoking discussions. Beautiful davenings with world-renowned singer. Leibidik Shabbos Seudos & zemiros.

1 Shabbos, 1 Goal = MEET YOUR BASHERT!

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Marriage-minded, kovea itim/frum professionals are invited to join 5+ shadchanim from around the U.S. for a Shabbos filled with fun, hishtadlus, and tachlis.


The event will be run in a respectful and tznius forum, catered to singles who would not feel comfortable attending other events due to hashkafic concerns.

Baltimore Doubletree Hilton. June 28-30.

Recommended ages: Women 28-42, Men 30-45.

L’ilui nishmas Rabbi Shmuel Yudel ben Binyomin Yaakov (Fleischman) on his 15th yartzeit. Rosh Chodesh Tammuz (Sivan 30)



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For more info about the event, please email events@theshadchanit.com or call 443-440-5692.


We appreciate sponsorships/donations in any amount to help offset the costs of this not-for-profit event. Credit card donations can be made via Paypal to events@theshadchanit.com or call 443-440-5692 for more info.

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Step One:

Fill out form and upload your profile and a recent photo, along with a $25 application fee. (Registration fees must be submitted by May 15 to hold space for you until June 12.) The application fee is fully refundable if you are not approved to attend the event.

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    Taken within the last 6 months (for our shadchanim),
  • Price: $25.00

Step Two:

Upon acceptance, you can opt for the Early Bird or Regular Registration (paid via Paypal). Early bird registration ($325 minus $25 registration fee = $300) is due by June 12. Regular registration ($425 minus $25 registration fee = $400) is due by June 21 at midnight, if space is still available.