Quality MO Machmir to yeshivish singles. 7+ shadchanim/dating mentors. Inspiring speakers. Thought-provoking discussions. Beautiful davening with world-renowned singer. Fun, hishtadlus, and tachlis.

1 Shabbos, 1 Goal = MEET YOUR BASHERT!

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At the Princeton Doubletree (New Jersey) – November 15-17, 2019

Recommended ages: Women 27-42, Men 30-45.

The event will be run in a respectful and tznius forum, catered to singles who would not feel comfortable attending other events due to hashkafic concerns.

L’ilui nishmas Rabbi Shmuel Yudel ben Binyomin Yaakov (Fleischman).



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Theme: From Simcha to Sasson: Harnessing the joy of Sukkos towards the rest of the year.
For more info about the event, please email events@theshadchanit.com or call 443-440-5692.


We appreciate sponsorships/donations in any amount to help offset the costs of this not-for-profit event. Credit card donations can be made via Paypal to events@theshadchanit.com or call 443-440-5692 for more info.

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Step One:

Fill out the below info and upload your profile and a recent photo, along with a $30 application fee. The application fee is fully refundable if you are not approved to attend the event. Registration deadline is October 15.

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Step Two:

You will be notified by email if you can register for the full Shabbaton. Early bird registration ($325 pp based on double occupancy) deadline October 4 at noon. Regular registration ($425 pp based on double occupancy) deadline November 5 at midnight, if you have pre-registered by October 15 and based on available space.
Private rooms are available for an added $175 for the weekend.